Getting Started

Get up and running with OneLiquidity's fully robust APIs by following these simple steps.

As a convention, the OneLiquidity Ledger accounts issuing API always holds monetary amounts as integers in the lowest denomination for that particular currency. In the case of the US Dollar, all amounts are denominated in cents; therefore, all requests and responses will be in that lowest denomination.


Business Integrators

Registration Steps

  • Call the Register an Integrator endpoint with an email address you have access to and a valid webhook URL that can accept a POST call with a JSON body.

  • Click the email verification link in the mail you will be sent to that email address. We will verify your email address. You will then be sent a confirmation email with a link to our KYC form.

  • Click the link to our KYC from and fill it. If the KYC check passes, you will get a mail to that effect.

Authentication and Getting Access

  • Call the Generate Authentication Token endpoint with your verified email address to get an access token emailed to you. This token will be used as a Bearer token to access our protected endpoints as an integrator. Please keep it safe.
  • You can also call the Reset Authentication Token endpoint to invalidate your current token and have a new one sent to your verified email.

Depositing Funds

  • Call the Create Float Ledger endpoint to create your USD float ledger.
  • Call the Update Integrator Deposit endpoint to notify of us of an impending float deposit transaction and receive a OneLiquidity depositId reference which should be included in the real-world money transfer transaction in production. For the sandbox environment, please post this id in your dedicated integrator slack channel and we will arrange to credit your float in that environment.
  • Call GET /integrator/deposit to get the details and status of your float account deposit.
  • Call GET /integrator/floats to get the details of your float account balances.

Subscribing to a Service