Wallet Deposits

Funds can be deposited in any crypto wallet using the associated address and network issued when the wallet was created. The main wallet balance will reflect the increase of funds after a successful transaction. All wallets created in the sandbox environment have their addresses issued on the testnet of their corresponding networks and, as such, these wallets require testnet tokens to be deposited.



With various cryptocurrencies, a testnet is an instance of the cryptocurrencies network powered by similar technology to the main network instance (mainnet). The testnet is used to test and experiment without risking the loss of real funds on the mainnet.


Do not deposit mainnet coins in sandbox crypto wallet addresses.

Testnet Faucets

You can simulate how deposits to production crypto wallets will work by depositing test coins in your sandbox wallets from the following testnet faucets:


ETH Testnet

Currently, our sandbox ETH wallets can only receive test coins on the Ropsten network.

Deposit Webhooks

When coins have been deposited successfully, we will send you a webhook to confirm receipt of the funds. From the webhook, you can gather information such as the amount deposited, where the funds originated from, the address the funds were sent to, the transaction hash etc.


Transactions & Balances

Deposits to both your main and sub wallet addresses will be recorded against your main wallet. You can use data from our webhooks to maintain granular records for your sub wallets.

The exact structure of the webhook can be reviewed in the webhook events section here. We will send you two webhooks; the first is sent immediately the funds are received and a second is sent once we have confirmed the transaction on several blocks of the blockchain network.

Mock Deposits

Conversely, to quickly top up your crypto wallets in instances where the testnet faucets are too restrictive or where you want to test withdrawals, there is a mock deposit API route available. Read more on this API route here. Mock deposits will only work in the sandbox environment.