Common conventions and processes for OneLiquidity


Monetary Amounts

As a convention, the OneLiquidity Ledger accounts issuing API always holds monetary amounts as integers in the lowest denomination for that particular currency. In the case of the US Dollar, all amounts are denominated in cents; therefore, all requests and responses will be in that lowest denomination.


API Versions

OneLiquidity maintains current versions of its software and the preceding version as part of its standard offering. Therefore, two versions are always supported, vX and v(X - 1). It's important to note that v(X - 1) is only available until the next major version release, which can happen frequently. Therefore, migration to the latest release is strongly encouraged as soon as possible. OneLiquidity will give at least two weeks' notice before removing a version, so please keep an eye on the change-log, where we will announce version deprecations in advance of major releases.


Webhook Retries

The OneLiquidity system sends webhook notifications of real-time events occurring in the system, so your systems are kept up-to-date without constantly polling our API endpoints. To do so, we require a POST endpoint available with no downtime, specified as the webhook URL when you register as an integrator. Of course, it's impossible to guarantee 100% uptime, so if your webhook is down, we will retry the call once per hour for 72 hours. Beyond that, a manual process will be initiated where the call is business critical. If the call is not business critical, all the data can still be obtained via a call to the respective endpoint of our API.