Crypto AML Screening

Crypto AML Screening

The Crypto Anti Money Laundering screening service provides immediate analysis of crypto transaction and wallet respectively. A risk score is assigned to each transaction and wallet address analyzed. This risk score ranges from 0 to 10. A risk score of -1 indicates that no risk rule was triggered. This service is grouped into:


  • Ongoing Transaction Analysis
    This involves the scanning and analysis of every transaction for the history, source and risk score associated with that transaction. The analysis can be done either by looking at the source or destination of the fund coming in or going out of the wallet. Typically, this analysis can be run on a transaction hash before sending off the transaction to the blockchain.

  • Wallet Analysis
    This involves scanning a wallet to pull the transaction histories of all the activities and issues related to that wallet. The wallet analysis also returns the risk score associated with a wallet address. Coupled with the transaction analysis, this also gives details of the contributing factors to the risk score.

  • Blacklist Analysis
    The Blacklist analysis enables integrators check whether a wallet address has been blacklisted or not.


A risk score is assigned to each transaction and wallet address analysed, and ranges from 0 to 10. A score of 10 indicates that the transaction or wallet address is of the highest risk, while 0 has no risk. The choice of what to accept as a very low, low, medium, high or a very high risk score is entirely up to the particular business integrator. As an example, the following can be a potential risk score classification for a business integrator "A".

Risk ScoreClassification
> 6.5High Risk
> 6.5 and <=6.5Medium Risk
< 3.3Low Risk