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Sub Wallet creation

<br> The API URL for creating a sub-wallet is located at <https://sandbox-api.oneliquidity.technology/wallets/v1/sub>. When making a request, ensure to include the following parameters in the request body: ```json { "currency": "BTC", "uid": "123456" } ``` This setup works well for Bitcoin (BTC). However, it might not be sufficient for currencies like Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), or Binance USD (BUSD) due to their multiple network support. In my view, to accommodate multiple networks, the request body should include a "network" parameter specifying the desired network for the sub-wallet. Unless such functionality already exists, it would be beneficial for users if the API incorporates this feature. <br>

Associated bank

Which bank is your virtual account backed by

collection service

Please i need clarity, do you have funds collection service such that as a business, i can collect payment from customers in fiat currency? if yes, how does that work?

Crypto card

Do you offer crypto virtual debit card

Crypto card

Do you offer crypto virtual debit card

I need a Crypto exchange for my project

I need a Crypto exchange development

I am an OTC trader

I want to scale my vendor business to next high level, my location is enugu

Headers Enquiry

Do we need to set headers for all the endpoints?